Blue color is everlastingly appointed by the deity to be a source of delight. – John Ruskin   I GOT IT AT… Attire: Romper – ERSCH  – MonStar Gacha Outfit MAITREYA @Fantasy Gacha Carnival Accessories: Ribbons – ERSCH – MonStar Gacha BlogPack MAITREYA @Fantasy Gacha Carnival Headpiece – ERSCH – MonStar Halo @Fantasy Gacha…

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  Cabs see a lot of action. In metropolitan areas in particular, the late-night taxi is intrinsic to modern “romance”. It’s the gateway vehicle – the will-I-won’t-I in-between-land where reality is suspended and you enter into an encounter which you both know may only last as long the meter is…

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Like It’s Golden

  #JillScott – Need I say MORE! I GOT IT AT… Attire: Lingerie –Narcisse- Stellar Lingerie + Exclusive for Epiphany #GACHGACHAGACHAEVERYWHERE Accessories: Shoes – [MODA] DAKOTA HEELS & HUD #Bound Box Choker – -SECRETS- Pearl Choker – Gold Extras: Hair – Beusy: Vida Hairstyle Eyeliner – .kosmetik – Lipliner.haute  @ Applique Round 20 Lipliner – A R…

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